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Bringing a new style Of training to what clients expect. An art form as opposed to just working out. Focusing on form over function with this approach we lower the risk but increase the reward. Workouts are specifically designed to train the body in a certain sequence this way your body has optimal response so you will not only perform better than before but also look better than you ever have. Transforming your body !

The program will be tailored to your specific body type . It will include a customized diet and workout program (including cardio). Each week you will receive a new video explaining the workout for the week. I expect you to perform these workouts as well as cardio each week . Everything will be specific to your goals and can be completed either at a gym, home, or on the road pending on what equipment you have available .  We will be in this together and I am here to answer any fitness or nutritional questions 24 hours a day. I take my training seriously and always get results. The commitment is 8 weeks for an $799 training package. No gimmicks here, just commit to the program.

If you plan to move forward we need to schedule your fitness evaluation phone call.  We will cover your plan in detail take measurements and get you started with Team Maloney !


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